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Medical Technology ServicesThe Department of U.S. Health and Human Services has mandated that all medical and health facilities shift from paper-based health records to electronic ones. And healthcare providers and companies must also store, process and transmit these records in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

The change from paper-based records to electronic records isn’t optional. Clinics and medical facilities must make this important transition in order to receive funding and also to avoid substantial penalties.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) can enhance the quality of care physicians, nurse practitioners and other medical professionals provide to their patients. The right EMR and EHR systems in conjunction with effective IT Solutions provide physicians and healthcare professionals with immediate access to patient records so they can quickly review a patient’s past history, decrease diagnosis time, and expedite payments. But ensuring the privacy of the records isn’t always easy to do.

Magnicom specializes in providing Top-Notch IT Services and Support for Atlanta medical clinics and healthcare facilities. You can rely on us to ensure your electronic patient records are always kept confidential. We provide the right IT Solutions to ensure you consistently meet all HIPAA requirements so you’ll always qualify for U.S. Government funding.

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