Atlanta Technology Consulting Services

Are you tired of waiting for a call back from your current ‘computer guy?’

Do you have any idea whether or not your data backups are actually working?

Do you know if you’re really protected from the latest security threats?

Studies have shown that the average small-to-medium sized business loses thousands of dollars every year to network downtimes. Network downtimes result in lost man-hours, missed sales opportunities and unmet deadlines that negatively affect profitability.
How much is network downtime costing you?

We know that you may have become so frustrated with network downtimes that you added a full-time internal employee to your payroll to handle IT issues. But did you know that contracting with Magnicom would actually cost you less in the long run and provide you additional benefits at the same time?


  • Is Cost Effective – Our full-service support plans typically come in at about 1/3 of the cost of adding an internal employee to your payroll.
  • Provides Technicians Who Have Diverse Skill Sets – The staff at Magnicom provides your company the skill sets and expertise of 11 different IT Professionals. This is preferable to depending on just one employee with a limited set of skills.
  • Offers All-Inclusive Plans – Our support plans include a wide-range of valuable platforms like network-wide antivirus, data-backup services, and performance monitoring—all at no additional cost to you.
  • Is Your Internal IT Team – When you sign up for our Atlanta Managed IT Services, Magnicom becomes your Internal IT Team – monitoring the health of your network, providing support for services for all your IT issues, and offering guidance to you on future technology investments.

Magnicom delivers IT Support Services that keep your network up and running and your business operating smoothly.

To learn more about our Atlanta Managed IT Services call us today at: 678.727.7270 or complete our Online Form on the left side of this page and ask about a Business Technology Assessment for your company.