IT Support For Atlanta CPA Firms

Your clients turn to you as their trusted financial advisor.

But where can you turn for trusted advice for your Information Technology needs?

IT Support For Atlanta CPA FirmsMagnicom specializes in IT Solutions and Support for CPA firms in the Greater Atlanta Metro Area. Our team of certified IT professionals understands the important role technology plays for CPA firms.

Today, many day-to-day accounting activities are done on a computer. When that computer stops working or the server holding your financial files crashes, business comes to a grinding halt.

You need trusted IT Solutions and Support that work 24/7. Magnicom guarantees that your CPA firm stays up and running, and that all your client information is accessible at any time of the day or night.

Today, CPAs work in the office, on the road, at home or wherever they can access their company’s network. Magnicom ensures you’ll have access to files on your company’s computer network both in the office and when you’re telecommuting remotely. And we’ll work with you to ensure your files are always stored and transmitted securely to protect your clients’ privacy.

Magnicom offers additional services so you clients can electronically transmit files to you securely and quickly without slowing down your email systems.

Magnicom is a reliable Atlanta IT Services Company that will work with you and your team of accounting professionals. We’ll be your trusted IT advisor so you can be a trusted financial advisor for your clients.

Call Magnicom today at (678) 727-7270 to book a no-cost review of your CPA firm’s current technology.